Training Activities

  • Induction & Refresher Courses
  1. In house training is imparted to the newly recruited technical staff as well as existing personnel on achieving the next rank.
  • Equipment Oriented Courses
  1. Medium Wave/Short Wave/FM Sound Transmitters
  2. Air-conditioning in transmitter and studio complexes
  3. Low Power/High Power TV Transmitters
  4. Hard Disc Based Audio Work Stations
  5. Digital TV studio production equipments
  6. Non-linear Editing & 3-D Graphics Systems
  7. TVRO Systems, Captive Earth Stations, DSNG, DTH
  8. Studio – Transmitter Links
  9. HDTV
  • Skill Up gradation Courses
  1. OB Management
  2. Surface Mount Technologies and Repairs there of
  • Refresher Courses 
  1. Audio/Video Digital/Analogue Measurements
  2. Lighting for TV studios
  3. Lineup of Radio/TV Studio and Transmitter Chains
  4. Programme Production Techniques
  5. Video recording Techniques
  6. Video display systems
  7. Management Courses
  8. Technology Updates and appreciation for Generalist professionals
  9. Network management systems for distribution of   television channels
  10. Station management
  11. Energy management in Broadcasting
  12. Management Courses for Senior Technical Personnel in collaboration with premium management institutes
  13. Modern Broadcasting Technologies
  14. Satellite Communications
  15. Optical Fiber Technologies
  16. Digital Archiving of Program content and its Management
  17. Digital Technology in Broadcasting
  18. Digital Terrestrial Transmission including DRM
  19. Digital Audio/Video compression standards
  20. Digital measurements
  21. Modern Communication Networks
  22. IT Related Courses
  23. Computer Hardware/Servers.
  24. Networking and Server Administration
  • Training courses as per specific requirement

  • Tailor-made courses on Audio Systems
  1. Public Address, Radio Transmitters
  2. TV Studio Equipment etc.for the Indian as well as foreign participants