6 Business Ideas for Indonesian Immigrants in the USA [2023] 

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Hello guys too many Indonesian brothers and sisters go aborde for some reason. No matter if you are student , doing any job or housewife. We are showing you some very Easy 6 Business Ideas for for Indonesian Immigrants in the USA that help you to make good amount of money.

So guys follow our site NABM.IN for more business ideas. If you don’t understand english you can simply use translator. So lets start the Article here is 6 Business ideas for Indonesian immigrants in the USA.

6 Business Ideas for for Indonesian Immigrants in the USA 

The culture and natural resources of rural areas make the business ecosystem in the usa much more diverse. Here are the types of businesses that you can do in the countryside.

1. Raising free-range chickens

Chicken is one of the popular sources of animal protein consumed by the people of Indonesia. Besides broiler chicken, free-range chicken is one of the popular variants because it tastes much better. Rural areas are suitable places for raising native chickens because supporting facilities are easier to obtain.

To start it also requires a capital that is not too large, the maintenance is not as expensive as when raising other animals such as cows or goats. Even by raising native chickens, you can get two business options at once, namely selling the meat and selling free-range chicken eggs. One more thing, the selling price of free-range chicken is relatively more expensive than other types of chicken and the demand is always high.

2. Cultivation of catfish

In addition to native chickens, catfish farming is also a potential type of business to be carried out in the village. 

The capital required to do so is not so large, but promises multiple benefits. Catfish is still a popular source of animal protein. As long as there are pecel catfish stalls on the streets, it means that the demand for this mustachioed fish is still high.

You can choose between / focusing on catfish breeding / directly focusing on raising livestock to harvesting. Both have different techniques and types of advantages. If you don’t have a direct network to the market, it’s better to start with catfish breeding livestock first.

3. Food stalls

Sembako is a necessity for people wherever they are, whether in the city or in the countryside. The presence of basic food stalls in rural areas will certainly help the surrounding community. This is because the distance is quite far if you want to buy groceries directly to the main market or traditional markets.

The basic food business is certainly very profitable because basic food is an item that people are looking for every day. Therefore, you have to be smart to always provide whatever groceries are needed by people.

Also pay attention to the quality of the basic necessities, from freshness to packaging so that buyers don’t hesitate to subscribe to your shop.

4. Grocery store

Opening a grocery shop is still a conservative business that has the potential to be done in usa.

You can sell indonesian grocery’s

For example, you can provide toiletries and toiletries that are almost certainly in demand every month. In addition, you can also fill the stalls with food and soft drinks which are favorite snacks for small children in the neighborhood.

5. Shipping agent

The demand for expedition services in rural areas is as high as in urban areas. This is because many items come from the village, ranging from handicrafts, souvenirs, to special foods that will be sent out of the area. Therefore, it is not surprising that the existence of expedition services is needed to support economic activities there.

You can fill the need for this expedition service by starting a business as a shipping / expedition agent. 

This agent will be the liaison between the customer and the service provider. You just receive the goods from the customer and then forward it to the expedition service to be delivered to the destination address.

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6. Selling traditional cakes

Indonesia is known for its rich and unique cultural diversity, including in culinary matters. Each region has its own taste of this food and is always included in the list of visits for tourists. Therefore, making traditional cakes that are typical of your place is a potential business to do because the demand is high.

Through the development of the internet you can even expand the reach of this traditional cake business. In this way, customers will not only come from the surrounding area, but also from outside the area.

Conclusion :- So above article you reed sevral ideas to make money from rural / village area . There are many of rural areas in usa where you can make your business or you can do this business in indonesia also. Thank you for Reeding my article. I will provide more another business ideas in futur you can check NABM for more Business ideas

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