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Almond Farming in India- We all are told since childhood that eating almonds is good for the brain. Almond has many benefits as well as uses. For this reason, today the demand for almonds is increasing very fast in India and all over the world. For this reason, today we are going to talk in this article. How can you do Almond Farming in India Hindi and earn good money from it?

The US is the largest exporter of almonds worldwide. The almonds of the California city here are famous all over the world. The demand for almonds is also very high in India. For this reason almonds are also cultivated in India. Almond cultivation in India is mainly done in cold regions. For example, almond is cultivated in some hilly parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kerala. 

What is almond? Almond Farming in India

All people will know what is almond, but people who do not know what is almond? I’ll tell them. Almond is a kind of fruit which we know as dry fruit. Almond is a dry fruit, this means that you do not get to see any kind of juice in it. People often use almonds in sweet food. Due to the high cost of almonds, you can make good profits in its cultivation. 

The demand for almonds is also very high in the market, in such a situation, you can get a lot of profit by cultivating it, through this article we will tell you how to do Almond Farming in India and how much profit you can earn.

Benefits of almond cultivation 

  • The first advantage of almond cultivation is that its cost is high. Because of this, if you cultivate it, then you can get good profits. 
  • The life of an almond tree is 50 years, due to which you plant it once. So you can get good income from this for a long time. 
  • You can do almond farming in any plain area. You can also cultivate almonds in these places of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh. 

Almond Varieties  Almond Farming in India

Types Almond Farming in India – You get to see many varieties of almonds. In which Mamra variety, California variety, Niplus ultra variety, Non-pareil variety, Fasionello variety, Peerless variety are all included. Apart from this, in the dry temperate region, you get to see all these types of Ni Plus Ultra, Texas and Thinshield . Along with this, in high and middle mountain areas, you get to see varieties like Nikitsky, Non Pareil, ISL, Merced, and White Brandis . 

how to cultivate almonds 

Let us know how and how almonds are cultivated-

Climate for almond cultivation

Cool climate is best for almond cultivation. For its cultivation, it is necessary to have a minimum temperature of 7 °C and a maximum of 24 °C. The average rainfall for almond cultivation should be 75 to 110 cm. Apart from this, you have to pay special attention to water in its cultivation. You do not need much water for almond farming. 

What soil is needed for the cultivation of almonds?

For almond farming, you can use flat, sandy, loamy soil and deep fertile soil . At the time of its cultivation Almond Farming in India, you just have to pay attention to one thing that water should not stop in your field. This increases the chances of spoiling your crop.

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How to prepare plants for almond cultivation

  1. For the cultivation of almonds, first of all you have to prepare the field well. If you plant almond plant once, it gives you fruit yield for 40 to 50 years. For this, before planting the plants in the field, you have to do a good plowing of the field. 
  2. After this, the field has to be plowed twice deeply by running the cultivator. After this, you will have to make a pit of one to half meter at a distance of 5 meters in the field. 
  3. After this, mix the appropriate amount of cow dung manure and chemical fertilizer and fill the pit completely. 
  4. After this you can now plant almond plant in your field. You can cultivate almonds in two ways. One, you can cultivate it by taking the seeds of normal almonds. Apart from this, you can also buy it from nursery and plant it in your field. 
  5. This is the difference between a normal seed and a nursery plant. It takes 8 years for the normal seed to produce almond fruits. While you get to see almond fruits within three to four years of planting the nursery plant. 
  6. For this reason, I would suggest you to buy the almond plant from the nursery itself. This also gives you a lot of time, you also get more profit in less time. 

How to transplant almond cultivation 

The almond plant should be at least one year old for transplanting. Prepare a pit of 1×1×1 meter before transplanting it. First of all put cow dung manure, earthworm manure in the pits prepared in the field. The best time to transplant almonds is from November to December. Apart from this, from time to time, you will have to use chemical fertilizers in almond farming so that it does not get affected by insects. 

How to irrigate almond cultivation 

In Almond Farming in India, you have to pay a lot of attention to crop irrigation. You have to irrigate almond plants in a time period of 10 days in summer. Apart from this, you should irrigate it in the time period of 20 to 25 days in the winter season. In this way, if you irrigate this farming, then you can see good benefits in it. 

How long does it take for almond cultivation to bear fruit? 

Cultivation of almonds is a very time-consuming business. Almond Farming In Almond Farming in India, when you plant these plants, you get to see fruits after three to four years. In this, you have to keep patience and work hard for three to four years. But friends, you get to see very good profits in its cultivation. 

when to harvest almonds 

As I told you that the trees of Almond Farming in India bear fruit after three years of transplanting. First of all, you get to see the flowers before the fruits when the almond tree flowers, after 8 months the almonds ripen on the almond trees. Which are later harvested. This is how almond trees are harvested. 

How much is the investment in almond farming 

You may need an investment of 50 thousand to 1 lakh in almond farming. Your investment in this is going to be used to fertilize the plants. Apart from this, it also takes money to express you. If you combine all this then you may have to invest 50 thousand to 1 lakh Almond Farming in India to do this business. 

What will be the profit in almond cultivation?

Almond Farming in India Profit- As I already told you that this business can give you good profit. Today the price of almonds in the market is about 1000 to 1200 rupees per kg. Along with this, the almond tree gives two to three kilos of almonds in a year. This means that if you plant 100 to 150 almond plants, you can make a profit of 3,00,000 in a year. 

Apart from this, you can cultivate more things in your farm with almond plants Almond Farming in India. From this you can get to see a lot of profit. Another reason for this is that almond plants take three years to bear fruit. At the same time, you can cultivate other things to bring income to you. 

How to sell almonds? Almond Farming in India

Marketing of Almond Farming in India – Now we finally talk about how and where to sell almonds. The answer is, you can sell almonds anywhere. You can sell it in the market, today there is a market for fried fruit in every city. You can go there and sell your almonds. Apart from this, you can also sell almonds online, for this you can also create a website.

If you got to learn something from the information related to Almond Farming in India Hindi, then do share it, thank you.

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