How to do Aloe Vera Farming Business – Full Information

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How to do Aloe Vera Farming Business - Full Information
How to do Aloe Vera Farming Business – Full Information

You will be willing to do Aloe Vera only then you have started reading this article. Aloe vera farming business cultivation can prove to be very beneficial for you.

The use of aloe vera in herbal and cosmetic products is increasing continuously, so the demand for aloe vera is increasing day by day.

In the market, herbal products such as aloe vera face pack, aloe vera face wash, aloe vera gel, and many other products are being sold in the market.

If you want to know that How to do Aloe Vera Farming Business then definitely read this post completely. After reading this article, you will get the answers to all the questions, in this article I have told about How to do Aloe Vera Farming Business, so let’s know.

What is Aloe Vera Farming Business

Aloe Vera is also called Ghrit Kumari or Gwarpatha, it is a medicinal plant. The length of Aloe Vera plant ranges from 60 to 100 cm. The leaves of aloe vera are lanceolate, thick and fleshy, whose color is green. Aloe vera is spread by branches emerging from the ground, the width of the leaf is from 1 to 3 inches and the thickness is up to half an inch.

How to start aloe vera farming

Climate and Land

Warm climate is most suitable for the cultivation of aloe vera, as well as it can be cultivated in dry and hot climate. The area with minimum rainfall is best suited for Aloe Vera cultivation. Aloe vera plants are very sensitive, so its growth stops in extreme cold.

If we talk about the land for aloe vera cultivation, then sandy soil is most suitable but aloe vera can be cultivated in loam and black soil but If you are planting aloe vera on this type of soil, then keep in mind that water should not stagnate, as well as the land should be at a slight height and there should be a drainage system. The P.H value of the soil should be 8.5 for the cultivation of aloe vera. Aloe vera can be cultivated on both irrigated and unirrigated land.

Land preparation and composting

When the rainy season is about to start, the field should be plowed 20 to 30 cm deep, after that the rotten dung manure should be put in the field in sufficient quantity, after which the last plowing of the field should be done so that the soil should rot. After the manure of the cow dung is mixed well, then the plant should be sown.

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Time of sowing

Aloe vera plant can be planted in the field at any time except in the cold season, but the time of planting aloe vera in the field is considered to be the most suitable month from July to August.

Seeds Quantity

It should be sown when the aloe vera plant reaches 6-8′. Sowing Aloe Vera 3-4 months old plants which have 4 to 5 leaves are most suitable. 7000 to 10000 tubers are required for one acre of land. It may be more or less at the time of sowing as it depends on your row to row and plant to plant distance as well as the number of seedlings also depends on the fertility of the soil.

Seeding site

National Beuro of Plant Genetic Sources has developed several varieties of Aloe Vera to produce Aloin and Gel. Improved variety of Aloe Vera Akancha ALL-1 has been developed by CIMAP Lucknow. Farmers who have done commercial cultivation of Aloe Vera in the past can approach for these improved varieties to increase the production of Aloe Vera juice/gel.

Planting method

For planting Aloe Vera plant, pits are made in the field, two lines should be made in one meter and then leaving one meter space, two lines should be made again. It is necessary to do this so that after planting aloe vera plants, weeding can be done easily. When the plant becomes old, new plants start coming out from its side, which should be well suppressed with the soil.

Irrigation and weeding

Water should be applied to the field after sowing. After this, irrigation should be done from time to time as required, this increases the amount of gel in aloe vera, weeding should be done after one month of aloe vera sowing and weeds should be removed from time to time at least 2 in a year. Must do 3 hoeing.

Harvest and yield

It takes at least 10 to eleven months for the first crop to be ready, after which the aloe vera leaves should be cut. You can cut the leaves twice a year after the first harvest. A yield of 20,000 kg can be obtained in one acre in a year.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Farming

  • It can be cultivated in irrigated and unirrigated land and good profit can be earned from any special expenditure.
  • No pesticides, fertilizers and water are required for the cultivation of Aloe Vera.
  • The leaves of Aloe Vera are not eaten by animals so there is no need to maintain it.

Investment & Profit in Aloe Vera Farming Business

According to the Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR), a hectare costs about Rs 27,500. The total cost of which together with labor, fertilizer and water becomes 50 thousand and about 40 to 45 tonnes of leaves can be obtained in one hectare. The price of these leaves ranges from 15 thousand to 25 thousand per ton. 6 times money can be earned in this business. Profits can be earned by selling aloe vera leaves to companies that make Ayurvedic medicines and companies that make cosmetics.

Care of Aloe Vera Farming Business

Aloe vera does not require a lot of water. Due to excessive watering, the roots of aloe vera start rotting and the plant dries up. Apply water to aloe vera only when the soil has dried up to about two inches, then water it and note that when the water starts coming out from the small holes, stop watering, after that again when the soil is 2 inches deep. When dry, water again.

Where to take Aloe Vera farming business training

If you want to get good yield by cultivating Aloe Vera, then you must take its training. You can take training from Central Medicinal and Confluence Plant (CIMAP), whose registration is done online. To take training, you have to deposit the prescribed fee, after which you can easily do aloe vera cultivation by taking training.

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