From Scrolling to Earning: How to Make Money on ShareChat App in 2023

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Most of us have heard about Sharechat app. It is a social app where people communicate, share messages, jokes and news with each other. But at the same time, it allows users to earn money using it.

Yes, you heard right. If you don’t believe me, read this article to the end. Here we are going to share with you some ways that you can turn your Snapchat app into a money tree.

What is Sharechat app?

ShareChat is an Indian social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and people use it to communicate with each other. It allows you to create and share photos, posts, reels, apart from daily posts. It’s an Indian app where you can play games and watch videos, find and join groups you’re interested in.

One of the best features of Sharechat app is that it has various categories like jokes, education, shayari, love etc. which allows the user to jump to the category of their interest without searching for the content of interest separately.

It is available in 15 Indian languages ​​including Hindi which makes it very easy to use across the length and breadth of India.

This app is available on both Play Store and iOS App Store. It has more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store alone and has a rating of 4.1 which shows the popularity of the app in India.

Requirements to earn money with ShareChat app.

So, First of all to start earning from ShareChat you will need to install its app:

1. Account in the Sharechat app  .

This are steps’ to use the ShareChat app.

You can create your ShareChat account by following the steps below.

  1. Goto Google Store or iOS App Store and Download the ShareChat app.
  2. After installed open app and select your language.
  3. Enter your phone number. 
  4. Enter the OTP and click on Generate. And your account will be created.

2. Followers and reach

This is the main thing that is required because only your community makes you valuable to companies.

You should post engaging content to gain a large number of followers. And keep in mind that consistency is the key to success. So keep posting regularly on your ShareChat account if you want to grow and earn a lot of money.

How to make money from sharechat?

If you want to earn money with this social app, there are many ways to do it. But the key here is that you will need to create content within the app. Only through content will you be able to reach people.

Your content can be in the form of videos or images related to education, motivation, money making, fashion and lifestyle, personal finance or any other area of ​​your choice.

First you need to decide in which niche you will create your content. Make your content rich and valuable for people to share via Whatsapp and other social media apps. This way you will get good reach and engagement.

Once your content has a good reach, you will have opportunities to make money. There are many ways to earn money with Share chat and you can use one or all of them.

In the following section, we will go over each one individually.

1. Affiliate Marketing on Sharechat

This is a common way of making money in almost all social apps. In affiliate marketing, you ask your audience to buy their goods and services through your affiliate link, and you earn a good commission on each purchase they make.The commission is always fixed.

You should start affiliate marketing on Share chat app because;

  1. It’s very easy to get started.
  2. It does not require you to purchase the products yourself first.
  3. It is very beneficial in nature.
  4. It requires almost zero investment.
  5. It has a low barrier to entry.
  6. It can be started as a full-fledged business or a side business.

In affiliate marketing, you share any product with your audience through an affiliate link. If someone buys a product through this link, you will receive a percentage of the sale as a commission.

There are many websites that allow you to sell your products through affiliate marketing. These include Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Go daddy, Hostinger etc. To get started, you’ll need to create an account on these sites and then create custom affiliate links for the products you want to share with your audience.

If your content is consumed by a significant number of people, you can earn lakhs per month.

2. Referral Program

This is the easiest way to earn money with Share chat app. This app allows users to refer the app to their friends and relatives and earn a good amount of money per referral

To refer the chat app to others, you can get a referral link by clicking on the coin icon available at the top of the app screen. Once your referral link is generated, share it with others via WhatsApp and other social media groups.

If someone downloads the app using your link, you will instantly get 40 rupees as referral bonus. Imagine if only 5 people download the app using your link, you will earn 6000 rupees per month. The app has limited the number of people you can share your link with to 20,000 people per month.

All the money you generate through referrals accumulates in  lifafa  . The first and second  lifaf  can be redeemed immediately, while the user must wait at least 4 days to redeem the others.

3. Sale and resale of products

With this method, you sell goods and services directly to your Sharechat audience. The products and services you plan to sell must be related to the travel niche.

For example, if you create content about cooking and recipes, you can easily sell kitchen utensils and spices. Also, if you are interested in content related to fashion and personal care, you can sell products like creams, lotions, shirts, etc.

To start this business, you will need to provide images of the items you want to sell on your Instagram page or website. In your video, you will share the benefits of these products with your audience and ask them to purchase them by visiting your page or website.

Now you might ask. Do I buy my products then? The choice is yours alone. You can buy products from any wholesaler or get them directly from resellers like Meesho, Glow Road, etc.

In case you are planning to sell a service, you will need to keep some freelancers in mind.

Selling and reselling this product is a very profitable business on ShareChat app. You can earn lakhs of rupees per month if you have a good community.

4. Paid promotion

This is a very well known method to monetize ShareChat app. Social media influencers earn lakhs of rupees per month and free products through paid ads and you can too if you manage to get a good audience on Snapchat.

It’s like making an ad. If you have a large following, brands specific to your niche will approach you to promote their products. For example, if your niche is fashion and personal care, then fashion companies like mama earth, Lakme will appeal to you.

If they don’t reach out to you, you can write to them directly asking that you want to promote their products.

Check this table to see if paid promotions are for you.

WhyWhy not
Paid ads give you a good amount of money.For paid promotions, you need a significant following.
You will receive free goods and servicesSometimes you can do paid promotions for products you don’t even like.
Sometimes you may receive calls to exclusive events and programs.Your audience is starting to dislike content that includes paid ads.

The amount of money you should charge for paid advertising depends on your niche, the type of content you create, and the size of your audience.

5. Drive traffic to other platforms

ShareChat does not have a direct monetization program like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or a blog. So what you can do is drive ShareChat audience to these platforms.

If you have your account on YouTube or any other platform that you can monetize, you can ask your ShareChat audience to check out those platforms as well. The best way to do this is to post content from other platforms on ShareChat so they get a glimpse of what you’re doing and generate interest in checking out those platforms.

Alternatively, you can post a short piece of content on SharChat and then ask viewers to check out the full details using the link in the description. The link will direct them to your blog or YouTube etc.

If you don’t have other social media accounts, you can take money from others to drive traffic to their sites. It’s a win-win situation for both of you.

This way, you can grow your subscriber base and watch time on YouTube, your network of followers and engagement on Instagram, and your blog traffic and authority. All of this will mean more money in your pocket.

6. Earn by completing tasks

This is another way to earn with ShareChat app. This software occasionally requests that users do tasks in order to receive prizes.

If you complete these tasks, you can earn a good amount of money. Performing these tasks is very simple and does not require special skills or a lot of time.

7. Participate in ShareChat Champions Program

This is a programme that encourages ShareChat users to upload high-quality and engaging videos. To participate in this program, users are required to upload 3 high-quality videos, and the best videos are rewarded. Your videos must feature your face to be eligible for this program.

When users upload their videos to this program, they are ranked by engagement and quality. likes etc. Users whose videos are better in the contest are eligible for prizes.

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