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Amul Franchise Cost In India: The concept of buying a franchise of a brand can help large industrial brands and small scale business owners. Amul is a well known Indian brand which has gained popularity and trust of every Indian. To start a small business without risk, buying a franchise of a well-known brand can help the business grow. Amul or Anand Milk Union Limited was established in 1946 by Tribhuvandas Patel. It has strengthened its roots in our country as well and today everyone is well acquainted with this brand.

One can easily buy an Amul outlet franchise through a series of processes. Amul franchise costs vary according to the outlet that needs to be set up and the products they choose to sell. One can choose to sell only Amul ice cream, so they have to buy a franchise accordingly. So the price will vary accordingly. Getting an Amul franchise is easy, and Amul office can be contacted anytime to resolve any issue.

How To Get Amul Franchise

To get an Amul franchise, the business owner should have a shop located in an active locality; It can help in acquiring customers. The shop should have pre-built infrastructure or build infrastructure as per the products.

Any business owner can contact the Amul office to inquire about the process and initial cost of buying an Amul product franchise. All Amul products are sold by franchisees only. A shop with minimum 100 to 300 meters square can open an Amul outlet.

Outlets can be opened in school areas, markets, hospitals, train stations etc. The revenue from the outlet depends on various factors like operating cost, staff cost and location of the shop. If the shop is located in an area with a competing outlet brand, this can affect revenue. This post can help many small entrepreneurs to answer their questions regarding setting up an Amul outlet and getting an Amul franchise.

The answer to this question is to apply for Amul Dairy Franchise products. Now the question arises that how can we apply, and it can be applied with the help of below mentioned steps. All the information regarding the cost and process of Amul Franchisee is mentioned on their website.

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The following steps can be followed to get an Amul franchise:

  • Visit the official site to know about the requirements and start the application process.
  • On the button of Amul web page click on Amul Parlor tab and press continue. After that, a page will open containing all the information related to the required.
  • On the above mentioned page there will be an online form link named “Online Form for Amul Parlor”. Click on the link and the application form will open.
  • Fill the details correctly with contact information.
  • An email will be sent to the applicant’s mail id for confirmation and opening process, and another Amul office will be contacted for inquiries to start the franchise business.
  • Amul customer care can be contacted regarding the application process and the criteria required to get more details.

It should be noted that there are many fraudulent websites with the same name that may give false information or charge money for the applications. But this should be avoided as the applicant may face fraud of funds in the mentioned case.

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Why should we buy Amul Store Franchise?

Amul is a well known brand, Amul store franchise has an advantage due to the name of the brand itself. People are more attracted to buy things associated with reputed brands as they trust the brand name and quality more. And when we are talking about Amul, it has a wide customer chain across India. It is the customer chain that supports smaller Amul outlets and parlors. An Amul outlet in a school canteen or railway station will have more customers than an outlet selling local ice cream or local milk products. These perks help in increasing the revenue from the Amul store franchise.

Some other benefits of owning an Amul store franchise are mentioned below:

  • The most notable advantage of owning an Amul store franchise is that we do not have to pay royalty to the company. They will provide different margins for different products; This means that the profit margin of an Amul store owner will be higher than that of their competition. Amul Ice Cream has a margin of around 20%, while Milk Pouch has a 2.5% margin. Other bakery products such as pizza and chocolate have a margin of around 50%.
  • If the owner has financial problems, they can apply for a loan. Amul office helps in getting loan for new establishment.
  • There are many opportunities like opening of Amul Ice Cream Parlor, which will act as a chilling hotspot and will be converted into a cafe. Opening of Amul Bakery Store to sell milk products and variety of paneer. Amul also has drinks that can very well be sold by Amul outlets in or near schools as they are cost effective

Requirements for setting up an Amul store franchise

Infrastructure would be required to set up any outlet. The first requirement is a shop on the street or in the market area, which will attract the customers to locate the shop. The shop area is also important as it will allow products and equipment into the space. If the shop sells only dairy products, it will not need a large space, but if that space is to be used for an Amul cafe or parlor, it needs to be more spacious. If the space for parlor and cafe is big enough, he will benefit accordingly. Around 100-150 square feet area is required for Amul Kiosk.

Another important requirement is the equipment and their cost price. The space should allow space for the equipment, and the finances should support the equipment as well. For example, a deep fridge would be a basic requirement for most Amul products to be sold. For an ice cream parlor, the deep fridge and interior need to be reasonable to accommodate the customers. Other required equipment or equipment are mixer, pizza oven, cone handler, POS machine etc.

Cost of Amul Franchise Business

The cost of setting up an Amul franchise varies depending on the outlet. For example, a minimum deposit of ₹25,000 would be required to start a milk outlet. Also, the rent of the shop can go up to Rs 80,000, while the cost of the equipment will be around Rs 60,000.

Similarly, for setting up an ice cream parlor, ₹50,000 will be the security deposit, ₹3 lakh to buy the required land and ₹1.5 lakh for the equipment.

Those who want to own and operate an Amul parlor at the railway station will need around ₹1,00,000 for security deposit, ₹2.5 lakh to ₹4 lakh for land and ₹50,000 for equipment.

The cost of a Center of Excellence parlor, also known as a COE, can vary between ₹2.5 to ₹4 lakh. Again, a security deposit of around ₹50,000 would be required for space and equipment each.

As for profitability and revenue, one can earn between ₹5 lakh to ₹10 lakh from an Amul store franchise or outlet.


It is easy to own an Amul franchise or outlet if the finances and process are clear enough. As far as the franchise cost of Amul is concerned, an amount of ₹6 lakh is required to set up an Amul outlet. Before starting, one must arrange the finances and select the place of interest for the outlet. The ideas mentioned here are effective and in trend with the modern world to speed up business.

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