How to start a hand washing soap business | How to Start Hand Wash Soap Making Business in india

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How to start a hand washing soap business

In this era of pollution, it has become very important to clean your hands before eating or drinking, so the demand for hand wash has increased a lot today. On top of that, various viruses like the coronavirus have conquered the whole world. So the habit of washing hands before eating can save us from many diseases.

Most of the time we use soap for hand washing which has less disinfecting power than hand wash but we cannot afford to use hand wash because of its high cost. How to start a hand washing soap business

So today we are discussing how to start a hand washing soap business at very low cost and easily sell it in the market to earn profit.

Market Scope of Hand Wash Soap Making Business

The demand of handwash is huge in the current market and that is why this business has become a profitable business today and the market for this business will never decrease. Even more will increase, because today people are aware and are learning to use handwash instead of ordinary soap, even if it is a little difficult to adapt themselves with time. So if you are thinking of starting a business, you can start this business with low investment and earn good amount of money.

Materials Needed to Start Hand Wash Soap Making Business

 Business plan, investment, some amount of space for business, machines, electricity, fresh water, salt, workers, raw materials, vehicles.

Special Note : If you want to start a liquid hand wash business at your own home, then you can start the business easily by investing little money.

Now we will discuss in detail each and every thing required to start the business.

Total Cost to Make Hand Wash

Initially starting the business may cost from 5 to 10 thousand rupees, but as you are starting a business gradually you need to increase your business budget and increase your income.

List of Raw Materials for making Hand Wash

Manufacturing handwash requires many types of materials, you can determine the scope of your business by determining the amount of raw materials you can afford.

pure water200 per liter
Fragrance450 per kg
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS),,
Cadmium (Cd)478 per kg
salt10 per kg

List of Raw Materials for making Hand Wash

Where to Find the Necessary Materials for Making Hand Wash

You will easily get the raw materials required to start this business. For pure water you can talk to the owner of any water plant, see why water plant provides water, you will get very low cost water. Also, salt dyes and essential chemicals like CLPP cadmium cells and perfumes are available at any chemical supply store.

For every 1 liter of liquid hand preparation, you can follow the instructions below (Hand Wash Soap Making Process).

  1. First measure 850 grams of pure water and place it in a clean plastic bucket.

2. Then measure about 50 grams of SMS i.e. sodium laureth sulfate.

3. In handwash you can add your favorite perfume for this you add two to three grams of perfume in sls and mix it very well.

4. Now pour the perfume mixed sls into the measured 850 g of water.

5. You can use mixer machine to mix perfume mixed sls and water very well.

6. After the mixture is well prepared, add about 50 grams of clpb and 50 grams of cadmium.

7. If you want you can add your favorite color to the mixture, if the color is added while preparing the mixture the color will blend very well.

8. Then add salt to the mixture, the main reason for adding salt is to increase the density or viscosity of the mixture. When adding salt, never pour salt all at once. Keep checking the consistency by adding salt little by little and add salt as per your requirement. 

9. Once the salt is mixed, leave the mixture like this for 8 to 10 hours and your hand washing soap is ready.

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Packaging for Hand Wash Soap

Once the hardware is ready, you need an attractive package to sell. By creating an attractive package you can buy stylish boxes at very low prices. If you buy a lot together, you will get very low prices. Your banding can be put on this box. Then if you want to make a 200g or 500g liter package, clean a 200mg package streak and after applying your band sticker, apply the handwash prepared with a simple measuring device and respect it. This is how you make your own band soap. can complete its packaging.

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Marketing of Hand Wash Soap

Behind a successful business is a successful business strategy that you must adopt. The most important thing is the branding of your handwash which will give your handwash a new identity in the market. And for branding, you must register your company name, but in the beginning, you can start little by little without registration, then when the budget increases, you can register your company name.

You can put up some posters to popularize the name of your hand wash in the market, also start selling it at a lower price than the available hand wash in the market so that customers are attracted to buy and use your hand wash. When your banding becomes quite popular you can create a website under your company name to promote your band to people all over the country and sell your products on various e-commerce sites.

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Handwashing business equipment

One of the machines required to start the business is the mixing machine and the other is the packaging and sealing machine. Usually a mixer machine costs two to three thousand rupees, but packaging machines are a little expensive.

Registration for Hand Wash Soap Making Business Registration

A license is required for this business, so when the business is going to grow, you need to register your business under ROS, then prepare pan card of the company and apply for its clearance from pollution control board Then apply to the Bureau of Indian Standards to get the ISI trademark for your company’s products. This will increase the credibility of your company’s products to people.

Place for Hand Wash Soap Making Business

Manufacturing hand wash soap does not require a lot of space, but as your profits continue to grow over time, you can increase your budget to free up some space. At least 200 square feet of space is required to start this business.

How to start a hand washing soap business ?

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How to start hand soap business?

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