How to Start Papad Business in 2022 ? Cost, Profit full Information

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How to Start Papad Business

Hello friends, as we know, nowadays people in our country start small scale industries from their homes and gradually progress in this type of small business and most of the women of today are doing more. . Today we will talk about how to start a similar small scale industry papad business.

How to Start Papad Business

There is a lot of demand for papad in our country. Papad is such a thing that it is used in almost every household. It is used in our papad festivals, in weddings and in many other programs. Because people like to eat papad after eating and with food.

Women have a huge contribution in the business of papad. Most of the women start this work in their own homes. This is a good contribution towards women empowerment. People use papad not only in India but in many other countries all over Asia. By doing this business, women can earn good profits from their homes.

What to do to do papad business

  • License
  • Required Space
  • Raw Materials
  • Machine for papad business


To do the business of papad, you will first need a license and registration. Because if you want to do business without interruption, then license is necessary.

Required Space

At least 80 to 100 square meters of space will be required for the business of papad. This work can also be started at home. Papad needs a place to dry and along with it a little space is also needed to make it.

Raw Materials

There are many types of papad, whichever type of papad you want to make, you can use it according to your need. Some of the ingredients are as follows – Potatoes, eggs, oil, chillies or spices, salt, black pepper, sodium bicarbonate, asafoetida etc.

Machine for papad business

Some machines are required in the business of papad like – grinding machine, mixer machine, papad press machine, drying machine, paking machine etc. Drying machine is not required when papad is dried in sunlight.

Cost for Papad Business

10 thousand to 10 lakh tax can be invested in the business of papad. It is up to you how much you want to spend. Most of the people start their business with around 1 lakh. Before starting the business of papad, do thorough research, how much will it cost

Plan for Papad Making Business

Before starting papad making business, do some research about the population of the area, other products available in the market and marketing strategy of other papad making company. Calculate fixed capital investment with machinery and manufacturing costs. Working capital includes raw materials, manpower, electricity, transportation, marketing expenses and other miscellaneous expenses. An expansion business plan will not only help you in arranging startup capital but will also help you check whether the project is feasible or not.

How much money can be earned from papad business

The income of the business of papad depends on its cost, if the cost is more then the earning will also be more. It is not necessary that the earning should be less at low cost, if your marketing is good and the quality of papad is good then its demand will be high and you can earn more. According to estimates, about 20 percent of the investment can be earned. That is, by investing 1 lakh, you can earn about 20 to 30 thousand per month.

Where and how to sell the product

First of all you have to promote your papad business. For publicity, you can take the help of newspapers, monthly magazines. Find a customer near you and sell your papad to them. Supply your goods to the shopkeepers near you and sell it at a good price. If you want, you can also open a big shop of your whole sale, from where people can come and buy papad cheaply, so that you too will benefit and they will also benefit.

Keep these things in mind

  • Pay more attention to the quality and taste of papad because papad is sold more because of its taste and quality. If the quality is not good then there may be problem in its marketing.
  • Before starting the business of papad, find out about its marketing and its demand, because nowadays many people have come in every business and due to this you may have to face competition from them. We all know that papad is a food item so entrepreneur may need BIS and fssai license. Along with this, there may be many other paperwork, which should be done before starting the business so that there is no problem later. Business experts believe that if you follow its rules with discipline in your business, then you will not have any kind of problem and if any such problem comes, then you will be in a position to face it.

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