how to start pen making business Ball Pen Making Business Ideas

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how to start pen making business Ball Pen Making Business Ideas

Pen Making Business  – Hello friends, welcome to all of you. In today’s time, if you want to start a business, then we have brought for you the idea of ​​a business whose demand is very high in today’s time, if anything is sold the most in today’s time, then one of them is pen. Today, through this post, we will give you pen banane ka business kaise shuru karen full detail method. Will tell about pen making business that you can start pen making business in some way.

Nowadays the use of pen has increased a lot. From children to elders use it. Its demand is very high in the market. It is needed everywhere from home to school and office. If you want to start pen making business then this is a good opportunity for you. You can start this business with very little money. Especially ball pen is being used a lot. Let us know, how to start a pen making business? We are going to give information about all these things through this article, today we will talk in this post and learn about step by step pen making business, how can you start pen making business, so let’s go friends in detail. know. which is something like this –

what is pen making business

In today’s time, there have been many businesses that you can earn money by doing, pen making business is to make a kind of writing pen and market it and brand it and sell it in the market. In the pen making business, from filling the ink in the barracks to applying the tip and applying the lid, or it can be said that manufacturing a pen completely is the pen making business.

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How to start pen making business? (How to start pen making business)

A pen is an object that is used for writing. This is one of the things that comes in handy all the time. This is such a business that you can easily open from home. The person starting this business should keep in mind that he will get competition in the market.

This business is a trustworthy business. So if you are interested to start pen making business then this is a good opportunity then let us know how a person can start pen making business. For this you also need to keep the following things in mind 

Choosing a Location for a Pen Making Business

If you want to start pen making business, then first of all you have to choose a right place, you will need at least 200 to 250 square feet of space, in this space you can easily sit 4 to 5 pen making machines. The place where you want to do business should be eco-friendly because ink is something that has a lot of influence on the weather.

To make a pen (Raw Material list)

If you want to start the business of making pen, then you will need some necessary material in the form of raw material, it is as follows-

• Ink – The most essential material for making a pen, you will get it easily in the market, its cost of 1 liter will be around Rs.300.

• Barrel – This is the main part of the pen in which the ink is filled, you will get 250 pieces easily in the market for Rs 120, we call it refill in common language.

• Tip – It is installed in the lower part of the barrel, when we write with the pen, then the ink comes out through the tip itself, you will get 25 to 35 rupees per 144 pieces in the market.

• Lid – This is the cover of the barrel, its price in the market is around Rs.25 per 100 pieces.

• Adapter – This is the part between the barrel and the tip, you will get 5 rupees per 144 pieces in the market.

Where do I get the raw material for making the pen?

If you are going to start pen making business then you will first need raw material, in such a situation, you can buy raw material in wholesale price directly from the vendors from the market or you can also buy raw material from the whole sale market. In such a situation, you will have to go to buy the raw material yourself.

If you ask from online store then you will get raw material easily in online store also, you can take raw material from wholesale market or online market as per your convenience, you will get items at almost same rate in both places. If you take raw material in bulk then you will get cheaper and if you take less quantity then you will get Rs.

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Ball Pen Making Machines

Friends, if you start this business then you will not need much space for the pen making machine, you will only need 200 square feet space, as well as some space to keep the pen made and for the raw material, For this, you will need 25 to 50 square feet of space. In today’s time, anyone can start this business, because the need of worker is less in it. You will need four types of machines to make pens, they are as follows-

• Ink filing machine: With the help of this machine ink is filled in the barrel.

• Centrifuging machine: With the help of this machine, the air is filled with ink in the barrel, the work of taking it out is done with the help of this machine.

• Punching Machine: With the help of this, the adapter is set in the barrel, so that the barrel and adapter are properly set.

• Tip Fixing Machine: The function of this machine is to fix the tip in the adapter, with the help of which it is easy to write.

Total cost and profit for the pen making business

If you are starting pen making business then if you start in small scale then you will have to take four machines, their cost will be around 30,000 rupees, you will get this machine in both online or offline medium and you will start the necessary material. I can take 20 thousand rupees,

In this way, if you start a business in a small scale, then it will cost you around 50 thousand rupees. Later you can easily earn profit by spending only in raw material. If you want to start pen making business in big scale then you will have to take automatic pen making machine which cost around 5 lakh rupees, and if you are going to do big business then raw material will also cost more, so you will have to buy raw material. In the beginning, about 1 lakh will have to be invested.

Ball Pen Business Profit

If you talk about profit in this business, then there is always a demand for pen, so if you start this business then you will never lose, you will always have a profit of 20-50%. The demand for pen is very high, so in the beginning you will not have any problem in setting up the business, and you can easily set up your business and earn a good amount of money per month, and take your business to a good place in the future. Is.

ball pen making process 

If you have four machines to make a pen, then making a pen is very easy, you can make a pen very easily, you have to take care of the following things and follow step by step-

• First you have to put the barrel in the punching machine in which the adapter is already installed, then both of them will be set together as you punch.

• After this comes the turn to fill the ink in the barrel, for this you have to set the barrel in the ink filling machine and ink is already present in it, you fill as much ink as you need.

• After this, you now have to set the barrel filled with ink in the tip fixing machine, here the tip is found in the barrel, then the barrel turns into a pen.

• After all this is done, now you have to set the pen in the centrifuging machine and the extra air present along with the ink is removed from it.

• In this way, a new pen is prepared after the entire step is completed, which can be written easily.

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Ball pen making business marketing

In today’s time, there are many small pen making companies, in such a situation, you should brand your pen, for this you should take the help of social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and promote the pen in it, as well as you can do the branding of your pen. Huge hoardings of pen making business can be installed at the crossroads.

Along with this, you should keep the quality of your pen excellent, so that if anyone uses it once, then they can use the same pen again and again. Along with this, you can start a business and distribute it by printing a pamphlet of your pen making business through newspaper, and you can take a contract with some stationery shop people, etc. In this way you can market your pen. Is.

Registration of business of making pen

If you are thinking of doing pen making business then you will need to get trend license for your business, you have to get trend license from commerce department of municipal corporation. Along with this, you will have to register your business in OPC, LLP or PVT.LTD, and you will have to fill the GST of your business and file your income tax return. And you will need a PAN card, and you will need an active account in the commercial bank in which business transactions will take place.


Friends, we hope that you have liked the methods of pen making business mentioned here because here we have made you aware of the complete information related to the business of making pen. Along with this, if you start this business, then if you take care of the things of making a pen, then it will be able to progress in a better way. If any needy needs this post, then you must share this article with them so that they can get benefit.

Frequently asked questions:

What is a ball pen?

Ans- Ball pen is a type of writing pen whose color is blue. In today’s time people use ball pen to write.

What is the price of pen making machine?

Ans- Four types of machines are required for making pen, if you start in small scale then you will get cost price up to Rs 5 lakh for all four machines and if you take automatic pen making machine then it will cost up to 20 lakhs. will go.

What raw material is required to make a pen?

Ans- Ink, barrel, tip, lid and adapter are required to make pen.

Which machine is required to make pen, its name?

Ans- Ink filing machine, centrifuging machine, punching machine and tip fixing machine are required for making pen.

What is the cost of automatic pen making machine?

Talking about the price of automatic pen making machine, you will get it online up to 4.5 lakhs.

How to maintain the quality of pen?

Ans- If you want to increase your pen making business, then you have to keep the quality of your pen good, as well as you have to keep the ink of the pen excellent, the design of the pen should also be good and people feel comfortable to write according to that pen. Must have quality.

which is the best pen

Ans- Pentonic Linc Ball Point Pen  – Pack of 10 (Black)

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