How to start tea leaf business? Full Information

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How To Start Tea Leaf Business

How to start tea leaf business? earn thousands of rupees every day
How to start tea leaf business? earn thousands of rupees every day

Today most of the youth of the country prefer to do their own business instead of private job. The biggest reason for this is that one is earning more and the other has no workload. But the biggest problem in starting your own business is money. Because of which most of the people are not able to start their business. In such a situation, today we have brought a great business idea for you. You can earn good money by starting this business in just Rs 50,000 to 3 lakhs. This is the business of tea leaves, so let’s know the complete mathematics of this business and understand that Chai Patti Ka Business Kaise Karen?

Tea leaf business will earn every month

Tea leaves are also a staple in everyday things. Today every section of the country is crazy about tea. In most households, the morning starts with tea. In such a situation, there can be a lot of income from this business. If you give hard work, dedication and some time, then this business of yours can give income of lakhs of rupees in no time. The best thing about this business is that neither you have a boss nor do you need to be tied up in the office.

How to start tea leaf business? (Chai Patti Ka Business Kaise Karen)

Chai Patti Ka Business Kaise Karen – How To Start Tea Leaf Business

Are you planning to start tea leaf business with low investment? Check out a comprehensive tea leaf business plan for your convenience.

Tea production and processing plants are economically very viable business for the businessmen. Along with this, huge possibilities of growth in business open up. However, you should start your unit in a tea growing area. Simply, your unit should have multiple tea gardens to get raw tea leaves for further processing.

Step by Step Guide to Starting a Tea Leaf Business

Typically, a tea processing unit acquires raw tea leaves, processes the tea to provide a consumable item, and sells the tea after packaging. You can get six different types of tea from one tea production unit. These are green tea, white tea, yellow tea, black tea, oolong tea and post-fermented tea.

Market Potential for Chai Patti Business in India

The global tea market is growing rapidly. The sale of tea has increased by 165% in 10-15 years. Moreover, it is the most desired drink next to water, which is easily available. The tea market has experienced diverse trends in different regions including North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe etc. Geographically, in 2013, Asia Pacific had the largest market share. Industry experts anticipate its dominance to continue in the next decade as well. However, some of the major markets are China, UK, India, Germany, US. and Brazil. These countries are expected to see strong demand for tea in the future. Therefore tea production is a profitable business for new businessmen.

Health benefits of Tea

Tea is rich in antioxidants. Therefore, it is an essential component in the treatment of cancer. Plus, it helps prevent arthritis, improves bone density, regulates blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease.

It protects against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases among others. Consumption of green tea helps in protecting against the development of any kind of esophageal and stomach cancer. Apart from this, consumption of black tea helps in boosting the immunity power of the body, which is important to fight against any disease.

Step by Step Guide to Starting a Tea Leaf Business Unit

Step by Step Guide to Start Chai Patti Business

Location plays the most important role in the success of any tea production plant. If you are the owner of a tea garden, obviously you can start a processing unit. However, if you do not have your own tea growing farm, check the demand for a tea processing unit in that specific location. Because according to the capacity of the plant, you have to take care of the supply of tea leaves to the unit.

Business plan to start tea leaf business (Chai Patti Ka Business Plan)

Creating a tea processing business plan is the primary step in starting a business. Make a detailed business plan according to your investment resources. Determine what type of processed tea you would like. Which delivery method would you choose? How will you overcome the stiff competition with other already established brands in the market. Whether or not you will market the product differently apart from distribution. These are some of the essential aspects that you need to include in the business plan.

Also make a financial plan. Determine the fixed cost and working capital cost for starting the unit. Also, prepare a projected balance sheet with estimated ROI and break-even time. Generally, a business involves many such ideas. These are Executive Summary, Startup Summary with Mission, Objective, Vision, Key to Success, Financial Projections.

Required Registration, License and Permission for Tea Leaf Processing Business

Registration, License and Permissions Required to Start Chai Patti Business

Registration, license and permission are required to start tea leaf processing business

As per the investment pattern, you should choose the right form of business. However, it mainly depends on the location where you are starting the business. It is recommended to register your business according to federal guidelines.

Also, contact a local small business professional. As you are starting a business in the agro-processing industry, you must obtain the appropriate licenses and permissions. In addition, verify annual tax liabilities and compliance obligations.

To set up a business, it is a necessity to obtain certain registrations and licenses. Different types of businesses demand different licenses and registrations.

  • Firm Registration: You can start a small to medium business either a proprietorship or partnership firm. If you are starting this business as a one person company, then you need to register your firm as a proprietorship. For partnership operation, you need to register as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or a Private Limited Company with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).
  • GST Registration: It is mandatory to get a GST number to run a business; You have to apply for GST registration.
  • Trade License: Obtain a business license from the local authorities
  • MSME/SSI Registration: This MSME/SSI registration will help you to get schemes and facility for business offers by the state government
  • BIS Certification: BIS has specified the specific quality standard for the business. to ISI specification
  • Trade mark: You can protect your brand with trademark registration
  • Employees: State Insurance which is an insurance scheme for workers.
  • ESI Registration: Employees’ Provident Fund is mandatory for the business where more than 20 employees are working.

In order to comply with the above procedures and registration, one may require a legal expert who will help in full legal compliance to meet the industry standards.

Machinery Required for Chai Patti Processing Unit

You have to acquire the machinery according to the quality of tea you want to get. In addition, it depends on the planned production. Some basic machines are listed below:

  • SS Rotorwain 8″
  • CTC Machine (3CUT) 3 Pair 8” Roller (8-10-8 TPI)
  • DF Furnace
  • Dryer (Traditional)
  • humidifier
  • mydelton sorter
  • fiber extractor
  • vibro sorter

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Tea Patti Production Process

Process to start tea processing unit in India

1. Withering

First you should take raw tea leaves. Then spread the fresh tea leaves in thin layers on the stacked tarts and dry them in the open air for about 20 hours. However, there is another way in which you can lay the leaves on a mesh in layers about 20 cm thick. Then, place the mesh in a tunnel; Through which hot air mixed with fresh air is blown. This significantly reduces the time of complete withering. About 60-62% residual moisture is suitable for tea processing of dry green leaves.

2. Rolling

A circular table fixed with a cone in the center, and a surface with slats, popularly known as a batten. A jacket, or bottomless circular box with a pressure cap, stands on top of the table. The table and jacket are driven eccentrically in opposite directions, while the sheet in the jacket is folded and rolled over the cone batting in a pattern similar to land rolling.

3. Fermentation

During fermentation, the oxidation process that started during rolling continues. Fermentation takes place in different fermentation chambers. However, you have to store it properly and keep it clean to prevent bacterial infection of the tea. Place the tea leaves in layers on a 3.5 – 7.5 cm aluminum tray. The thickness of the layers is based on room temperature. As soon as the tea has acquired a copper-red color, this marks the full degree of fermentation, and the process must be stopped and then proceed to drying.

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4. Drying

You can perform the drying process using a conventional dryer. Blow hot air up to 90°C against the leaves. And the drying is completed once the temperature reaches 80 °C. When the drying is complete, the polyphenol oxidation enzyme is properly inactivated. The moisture content should be reduced to 3.5% so that the aroma is established and the leaves take on their characteristic black colour.

Investment Required to Start Tea Patti Processing Business

A tea leaf processing unit requires substantial startup capital investment. Generally, there are two types of costs associated with this. They are fixed capital and working capital.

Fixed capital investment includes cost of land, plant set up, building, machinery and initial license and registration fees. On the other hand, working capital investment includes raw material expenses, manpower expenses, transportation costs, distribution, administrative expenses and some other miscellaneous expenses. If you are getting loans or looking for finance from investors, you should be careful about the repayment schedule and related interests.

Profits in Tea Processing Business

You can make 15-20% profit initially depending on the quality. Later quality boosts your product and your profit margin increases from 20-25% and the percentage continues. You need to have a plan to produce quality products with a variety of flavors if you can.

Marketing Strategies for Promotion of Tea Powder Product

It is primarily necessary to determine the marketing strategy for your business. The marketing strategy should consist of two things: buy methandienone pills first, attracting potential customers and making sure they are aware of the brands and secondly educating potential customers about the characteristics of your tea product such as how healthy and tasty it is. Is. Additionally, you can opt for ads using banners, ads in local magazines, and reviews by food critics.

You have to establish a well-penetrated distribution channel. In general, many large e-commerce companies and supermarkets are potential options for home sales. Not only domestic market, but you can also explore international market for expansion.

How to sell your product?

You can sell your product by registering it online on B2B websites and B2C websites. You can also spread some samples to nearby hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, or wholesale markets where your product is well-bought. Try with new ideas in the beginning and focus on promoting your business. Your business will subsequently grow based on the quality you provide to the customers.

Assam and Darjeeling tea to trade

Before starting any business, it is very important to know about its ABCD. There is no limit to earning in this small budget business. You can slowly build your own brand. After which you will earn good money sitting at home. If you want to start a new business of tea leaves, then it should be kept in mind that only Darjeeling and Assam tea should be sold. The tea leaves here are in demand in the country as well as abroad.

Take franchise of big companies to do business of tea leaves

The business of tea leaves can be started with an investment of only 5 to 10 thousand. You can do this business in many ways. Like you can sell loose tea in the market or you can also trade tea leaves at retail and wholesale prices. Apart from this, there are many big companies who run a franchise program to sell their loose tea. This franchise is available in a very low budget, after which you get a good commission on selling.

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sell door to door

Apart from this, there is also an option of door to door selling. You can pack loose tea properly and sell the tea door to door at a reasonable price. People will like your tea because of selling it at cheap prices.

Online sales better option

If you do not want to do this business through door to door selling or other means, then online is a better option for you. You can sell good quality Kadak tea well packed on online websites like Amazon, Flipkart. Through online selling, you can sell your product anywhere in the country.

earn thousand daily from tea leaf business

Good Kadak tea of ​​Assam and Darjeeling is easily available in wholesale price of Rs 140 to 180. Which you can sell in the market for Rs 200 to 300 per kg. In such a situation, if you sell 10 kg tea leaves daily in the beginning, then you will earn 600 rupees daily. In this sense, you can earn 15 to 18 thousand rupees every month. At the same time, after a few months, your business will increase and if you sell 30 to 50 kg of tea daily, then you can earn 1800 to 3000 rupees daily.

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Chai Patti Ka Business Kaise Karen? FAQ on

FAQ on Chai Patti Ka Business Kaise Karen

How to start tea leaf business? FAQ on

Is tea leaf business profitable in India?

Yes, tea business in India is definitely a profitable business in India. It also depends on what kind of tea you are producing or selling in the market. Profit margin may vary on your distributor and your market price.

How can I start tea leaf business in India?

Answering the top points on how to start a tea business in India, follow these specific steps to success: Build
a proper business plan
Find target customers
Conduct market research Make
your business official Register with Validate
your tea leaf business
Complete your GST registration and Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) / Small Industries (SSI) registration.
Get a Trading License Get an
FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) license.

How much does it cost to start a tea leaf business?

An investment of Rs 50,000 is enough for you to start a tea business in India. On the other hand, you need more investment for a more genuine establishment like a tea bar or cafe. For metros, this number will be up to 30 lakhs.

How much does a tea leaf seller earn in India?

A good and reputed tea leaf shop in India can easily get Rs 40,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 can earn profit anywhere between Rs.

Can I make and sell my own tea?

Due to the intense competition in the market, it will be difficult to curb your brand of tea. But you can always contact local or domestic drop shippers to gain access to tea sourcing products. You can also approach a private label supplier to generate a unique UPC code for product packaging and sale on eCommerce platforms like Amazon.

Does tea need FDA approval?

Yes, absolutely. There are specific and varied labeling and packaging requirements for the tea business in India. If your brand is organic you will also need USDA certification and a seal to market it.

Why is green tea so expensive?

The delicate processing method, production and quality make any green tea so expensive than average or mainstream tea.

How to buy and store tea leaves?

In order to guarantee the success of your tea leaf company, a serious amount of backend work and logistical support is required. While it is important to find the right teas from the right estates, buying them and getting them for sale in India can be even more challenging. For example, a 110 percent duty is levied on green tea. Customs officials in India are still not well versed in the various forms of tea. This makes them questionable and the buying process more complicated. It is important that their handling is handled carefully to ensure that by the time the tea is delivered here, they are not affected by insects. Many teas, especially mint, become infused quickly.

How should I market my tea leaf brand?

The quality of the goods you serve is one of the ways that people come to know about your brand. Even after this, you continue to get the respect that you deserve. Don’t start with big rewards for this. First, intend to build a stable customer base, and send out leaflets and advertisements to let individuals know about the services you provide. You should also offer discounts to customers.

What is the most important thing before entering into the business of tea leaves?

Passion builds endurance and gives you the ability to practice and work to become more professional in what you do. Essential more than anything, it gives you the opportunity to focus. If you’re serious about developing your potential and finding the emotional justification to keep your head up through the topic, then because winning is enjoyable, you have a shot at enjoying your career.

What permissions and licenses are required to start a tea leaf business?

There are also permits and licenses to be obtained from the relevant authorities to authorize business such
as finalizing a name for the tea business
Company registration
GST registration
MSME/SSI registration
Obtaining a business license
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) obtaining a license.

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