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Do you really not know about Maggi Stall (Maggi Point Business)? Perhaps there is no need to tell you about the popularity of Maggi in India. Because it is such a product that a person belonging to every economic class can easily buy. Due to increasing industrialization, urbanization and increasing ambitions in humans, competition has been born. And in this competition everyone wants to get ahead of each other, that is why people have now found it difficult to even find time to cook food for themselves.

However, the history of Maggi in India is more than two decades old. But in such a short span of time, it has not only made a place in the kitchens of Indians, but has also made a place in their hearts. This is the reason that currently people prefer to eat Maggi not only in their homes but also outside their homes when they are on a trip.

By the way, it seems that Maggi, which is claimed to be prepared in just 2 minutes, must have been seen as a target customer for working people living away from home, who cannot even cook breakfast for themselves, because they have to attend to their work. But have to reach early. And the good thing is that when people adopted it, they felt that they can really prepare it by giving only two minutes.

Moreover, due to less time taken in cooking, it became popular among the people, but people also liked its taste, that is why Maggi masala has become popular in such a way that it can be used to prepare all kinds of dishes. It is being done in the making.

Maggi has become so prevalent and popular in our country India at present that you will get to see Maggi Point at many tourist destinations. If you are also thinking of starting a low investment business of your own, then opening Maggi Point can be your earning business for you too

How to start Maggi Point Business

If you want to start your own Maggi Point, then the most important thing that will be coming in your mind is where to open it. Yes, you cannot open Maggi Point anywhere because there are opportunities to earn from this type of business only at certain locations. We will talk further about which locations they are.

But first of all, let us know that if an individual wants to start his own Maggi point business with less money then how can he start it.

Select Location

By the way, an ideal location tourist destination has been considered to start this business. That is, a location where a large number of tourists come and go, starting a Maggi point there can be a profitable deal. But as we have told earlier that Maggi is equally famous almost everywhere in India. That’s why you can easily start it in any railway station, bus stand, taxi stand, crowded market, campus of any institute, any industrial area etc.

But try this, if you find a place to start this kind of business at a tourist destination, it would be great.

After you have selected the location, then after that you also need a place to set up a small shop at the same location. However, if you are doing this type of business at a tourist destination, then you will have to arrange for their seating as well. If you can manage to sit on the roadside outside the shop, then it is good, otherwise you may need to spend a lot of money in interior designing.

Buy necessary furniture and utensils for Maggi Point

After completing this process, you need to buy furniture for your Maggi point in which you are going to serve Maggi to your customers. Generally, table chairs made of plastic are used in this type of business. But if you are doing this type of business in a tourist destination and there is no arrangement to sit outside your shop, then you will need to use some good wooden furniture.

So that you can be successful in giving your Maggi Point a nice attractive look from inside. And generally a tourist who has come to visit likes to eat and drink at a clean place. That’s why you have to take special care that your point looks beautiful, neat and attractive.

Apart from furniture, the entrepreneur also needs to buy some utensils, stove, cylinder, counter etc. These can be easily purchased by the entrepreneur from the nearest local market.

Develop multiple recipes of Maggi

By the way, opening a Maggi point does not mean that you feed your customers only by making Maggi. But it is natural that those people who come to your shop after reading Maggi point, they must have brought at least this much hope from you that you make something else or not, but you must be making Maggi.

That’s why it becomes necessary for the entrepreneur to offer not one but many types of Maggi to his customers. If possible, he can also develop a new recipe of his own. Presently people are liking to eat Plain Maggi, Veg Maggi, Egg Maggi, Non Veg Maggi etc.

Make the front of the shop attractive by placing banners etc.

Once the entrepreneur has opened his Maggi point, marketing it, especially if this Maggi point of the entrepreneur is at a tourist destination, then the entrepreneur should prepare how to bring the tourist walking on the road or in the car to his Maggi point .

For this, he can put attractive banners etc. outside his Maggi point, which can be clearly visible from a distance, and tourists can stop there and taste the Maggi made by you. Apart from this, the entrepreneur should also submit his business to various business directories like Google My Business, Just Dial, Yellow Pages, Click India etc.

Cost of starting Maggi Point

As we have already told that this business (Maggi Point Business) is included in the list of business to be started with very low investment. You can easily start this business within ₹ 50000 at a tourist destination where the rent of the shop is between ₹ 5000 to ₹ 8000.

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