How to Start Paper cup Business | Paper Cup Business Idea 2023

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Today we will discuss Paper Cup Business Idea how you can start paper cup making business very easily. How to make paper glass manufacturing business plan in Bengal will be discussed in detail.

How to start a paper cup | How to Start Paper Cup Business

Nowadays, if you want to start your own profitable business, paper glass manufacturing business will be an age-appropriate decision for you. Making paper cups or glasses is environment-friendly and health-friendly, so its prevalence in the society is increasing day by day. Paper cups can be destroyed or recycled into other products. But plastic or glass cups cannot be destroyed.

Which is very harmful for environment and health. With the rapidly changing life style of people, the use of paper glasses in tea, coffee shops, hotels, supermarkets, educational institutions, food canteens as well as wedding parties is increasing rapidly. There is a shortage of supply of paper cups, plates or boxes according to the current demand. So if you want you can easily start business with your unique product in this market.

Financial Planning for Paper Cup or Paper Cup Manufacturing Business | Financial Plan For Paper Cup Business Idea

Before starting any business, planning is essential for its success. While starting a business, there are many expenses incurred such as investment in the business, employee expenses, marketing expenses of the business, etc. You need to think through and create a road map for the cost of all sectors. So that there is no financial trouble after starting the business.

Raw material for making paper glass

Paper glasses are made using wax or plastic as raw materials as well as food grade or poly-coated paper, so that the glass can be held easily whether it is kept cold or hot. 

Machines required for paper glass

paper cup business and its cost is Rs Important Machine For Paper Cup Business

There are two common types of machines used for making paper glasses, a fully automatic machine or an automated machine. This machine can produce 50 to 60 paper glasses per 1 minute. The price of this automated machine may vary depending on the supplier but you will get between 7 to 8 lakh rupees .  

The other machine is semi automatic machine. This machine will automatically cut the paper bags and feed them into the machine. It can make 30 to 35 cups per minute. You can buy at low prices from various sellers in the country if you search a bit. But currently you can get this machine between 4 to 5 lakh rupees. Although the price of the machine may vary from company to company.

Where to buy paper cup making machine | Paper Cup Machine Market 

To buy offline you need to contact a machinery wholesaler or you can talk to an agency.

And if you don’t want so much trouble, you can easily buy paper glass raw materials and machines online.

space required to start a paper cup | paper cup manufacturing business

Starting the business does not require a very large space. 

You can start the business very easily with electricity connection in 500 square feet area. If your house is big and you have a lot of free space in your house then you can start this business from home as well.

The process of making paper cups | Paper Cup Manufacturing Process

Paper glass is produced in three stages : 

The first step is to machine cut the poly coated paper to the size of the cup, which is slightly wetted to form a spherical cone.

In the second step, a circular bottom of paper will appear under the cone.

Then in the third step the glass or cup is collected in one place after testing.


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Paper cup or paper glass packaging process Paper Cup Packaging Process 

Packing and counting of paper cups is done automatically by fully automatic machine, after making glass in semi automatic machine, paper cup packing up to 100 number in long plastic prepared according to cup size.

Cost of paper cup

paper cup manufacturing business Manufacturing Cost

To start a paper glass business, it is possible to spend around 10 lakh to 15 lakh rupees to make 2.2 crore paper cups and earn up to 66 lakh rupees per month.

But if you want, you can easily start a profitable business between 8 to 10 lakh rupees by reducing the cost of machinery. 

Material cost Manufacture Cost Of Paper Cup Business

The cost of production may vary depending on the location of the business, transportation costs and raw material prices.

  • The price of the machine is 5 lakh 50 thousand rupees.
  • 11 thousand for the salary of the employees.
  • Poly paper 50 to 60 thousand taka.
  • Paper printing etc cost 30 to 40 thousand taka.
  • Packing cost is 20 to 30 thousand taka.
  • Electricity and water cost 10 to 15 thousand taka.
  • Other expenses like telephone bills, repairs, transport, shops etc. 5 to 10 thousand taka. 

Total cost – can be started within 7 to 10 lakh rupees. 

Wages of employees in paper cup or paper cup manufacturing business

You will need some employees to start your paper cup business unit. A paper cup business can be started easily with just three people. Where there should be a production manager, a skilled and an unskilled employee.

License required for paper glass or paper cup manufacturing business

The business needs to be registered as a sole proprietorship company and have a legal license to operate the business. For this, contact the local authority of the place from where you are going to do business and complete all the legal formalities. Such as trade license, teen certificate, bank account etc.

To use diesel generator as an alternative to power supply, a special permit must be taken from the local district authority.

Paper Cup Business Marketing Process

You can advertise your product through TV channels, newspapers and banners.

But nowadays it will become very expensive so these methods for marketing are now outdated. You can now market your business through the net and social media very easily and cheaply. Besides, you can contact various restaurants or coffee houses from where you can easily get large orders at regular rates. Youtube

Paper Cup Business Profit,margin

The price of paper glass depends on its texture, size and customization etc. For example, if you make printed paper glasses, the cost of one glass may be around 60 paise, which you can sell in the market for 1 rupee per glass.

If you make ordinary paper glasses, a glass may cost 30 paisa, which you can sell for 80 paisa. Now it depends on you what type of glass you want to manufacture and market. 

In this business, if there is no fear of product expiration, there is no possibility of losing business. 


Q: What is the minimum amount of money required for paper business?

 You can start this business in medium scale with a minimum of Rs 5 lakhs. 

Q: Where is the paper cup making machine available? 

You can buy online from Alibaba or India Mart and get it.

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