Small Business Idea : Start the number one brand in just ₹ 50K capital

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Small Business Idea : Start the number one brand in just ₹ 50K capital
Small Business Idea : Start the number one brand in just ₹ 50K capital

If we talk about the topic called small business ideas, then we will find that different business ideas can be best for different people according to their skills, experience, and educational qualifications. But usually, in the initial phase, the entrepreneur considers small business ideas which have high earning potential, only them are considered best. That is, in the early stages, the people who move towards becoming an entrepreneur are quickly attracted to low-cost businesses.

This is the reason that today we are going to talk about more such small business ideas through our article, which not only can be started at low cost but also have good earning opportunities.

In this list which we have presented in Hindi, choose any one business from it according to your interest. And earn further information and training only for the business that you have selected. That is, in which apart from seeing your future, you are also sure that you will be able to earn from that business. Respected readers, we are happy to inform you that till now we have published hundreds of business ideas through this website.

Therefore, you can also take advantage of these business-related ideas on the basis of your desired category. Apart from this, if you want, you can click on the categories named Planning and Training and Development for information related to business plans and training. In this article, we are talking about Small Business Ideas only.

No business is bigger or smaller than its investment, but bigger and smaller by the mindset and planning of the businessman. Today we will talk about such a unique business idea in which if you invest only ₹ 50000 capital, then you can become the number one brand of this trade in your city.

What is Business Idea?

A business idea is a concept that focuses on a product or service and is used to make a profit. That is to say, an idea that is helpful in earning a person’s income and is generally associated with providing a product or service, then it can be called a business idea.

A good business idea can have many characteristics, but novelty, uniqueness, problem-solving ability, earning potential, and easy-to-understand are the main characteristics of business idea.

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Characteristics of a good business idea?

The business idea should be such that it can be easily extended without any additional input or cost.

  • That is, the profit from the business can be doubled. Overall the business idea should be scalable.
  • The origin of any business idea is because it contains a solution to some or the other problem of human beings. That’s why business ideas are only good, which have the power to solve at least one problem.
  • That business idea is of no use, which does not have demand in the market, or is capable of creating demand in the market. Therefore, a business idea that already has a market, or has the potential to create its own market. Beneficial from business point of view.
  • If Business Ideas are associated with a business area in which there is less competition, then their chances of running become more. And such business ideas are considered good from the point of view of earning.
  • In order to choose a good business idea, entrepreneurs must ensure that the business idea chosen by them is not tied to a static market. Rather be associated with a market that is growing steadily.
  • Good business ideas are those which have the ability to stay in the market for a long time. Also, it is best to be a profitable, easily manageable, and low-risk and unique business idea.

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Handmade Jewelry Business

The handmade jewelry business is a business that requires very little capital. Thousands of people are earning up to ₹25000 a month by investing only ₹500 to ₹5000. You can give it a little customized, professional and corporate look. Everyone knows about handmade jewelry. It is very easy to make and its price is also very good in the market. Profit margin goes up to 80%. I have to add a few more things to this.

With the help of a printer, you can print anything on jewelry. A design, a name, or an event. Customize the jewelry as per the demand. Change the color and print as you like. Make name and design on it as per the client’s order. It is very much in fashion. Women prefer to wear handmade jewelry to every Teej festival, special dates, wedding parties, and all kinds of social events.

No need to open shop. You can gradually submit your work via Instagram, Facebook Marketplace and WhatsApp. Its biggest advantage is that the fresher also gets experience and becomes a successful businessman in no time. No need to tell how much money you can earn in 1 month. Many people are earning 300000 rupees per month and more.

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