Which business to do with less money? Start these 9 businesses with little money.

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Are you really looking for a business that can be started with very low investment? (Business started with little money) it is said . It is meant to say that if you are considering doing a business that can be started with low expenses. So today’s business list of ours can help you.

By the way, at present there are many such businesses which business with no money can be classified as. But there are some businesses which require less money to start.

Today’s youth understands their work better than a job, but there is no doubt that money is needed to start your work. In such a situation, those youth and other people who are thinking of starting their own business or business, they stop and again go towards the job.

Although starting a business has become easier in today’s time, it has become more difficult to run it successfully due to competition. This is the reason that in starting a business today, people need to spend many times more than before.

But today, through this article of ours, we will tell you about some such business which is known as Kam Paiso ke Business. So let’s know which are the businesses that you can start even with low cost.

The only business that can be started with how much money

vegetable shop

If you are unemployed, you do not understand what business you should do? And the biggest thing is that you do not even have a lot of money to start your own business. So in such a situation the question arises what will you do?

The job option is open to you but you do not want to do the job, anyway you are not getting any kind of job despite your lakhs of efforts. So if you want, you can open your own vegetable shop, the demand for vegetables is there in every street and locality. So stop thinking whether your vegetables will be sold or not?

If you do not have the money to pay the rent for opening a vegetable shop, then you can buy an old hawker, which you will easily get up to ₹ 2000. And on the first day you can buy vegetables worth ₹ 3000 from the market and load them and start selling vegetables in the street.

No one is small or big, so don’t consider yourself small in selling street vendors in the street, nor let any inferiority complex develop in you. Who knows, from this business, you may become a big vegetable trader tomorrow.

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fast food stall

Seeing the fast food craze among teenagers and youth, it seems that you can start it anywhere. Not only among teenagers and youth, but housewives and other middle aged people have also started liking fast food very much. Perhaps this is the reason that earlier these types of shops used to be in the main market, at present they have expanded and reached the street mohallas.

Today you will find fast food corners even inside the streets, many entrepreneurs will be found selling many fast food items on the street. So if you are an unemployed person who knows how to make fast food items like chowmein, momos, burger, patties, golgappas, tikki etc., then you can start your own fast food corner business with very less money.

Find a place in your area from where thousands of people come out every day, and after making it a street, buy some necessary utensils, gas, stove etc. and start selling fast food items there. You can easily start this type of fast food corner by spending up to ₹ 25000.

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LED Bulb Assembling Business

The cost of machinery and equipment used in LED bulb assembling business is only a few thousand rupees. And at present you are well aware of the demand for LED bulbs. The use of LED bulbs saves electricity several times as compared to traditional bulbs. Due to which the electricity bill of the people comes down.

That’s why at present only LED bulbs are used for lighting in almost every house. To start this business, if you want, you can help the housewives of your area who are sitting idle doing their household chores, by hiring them, they can become a means of livelihood.

The vendor from whom you will buy the machinery and equipment for making LED bulbs usually also has the same raw material to be used to start the LED assembling business. You can start it on a small scale with an investment of up to ₹35000.

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You will also need to search something or the other on Google or other search engines many times in a day. Yes, do you know that there is a blogger or website that generates the information that Google or any other search engine shows you.

Yes, if you are fond of writing, reading and analyzing, then you can create a blog on any one topic in which you are interested. You can also create a blog for free through Google’s Blogger and WordPress. But in this, most of the control of your blog remains in the hands of these platforms.

Therefore, if you want, you can start your self-hosted blog, whose full control remains in your hands, but for this you need to buy a domain name and hosting. You can easily start this type of blogging business with ₹ 5000.

Youtube channel

You will also like to watch videos on YouTube, even if you do not watch any entertaining video in it, but you must definitely watch videos of your work. Yes, as we have told earlier that Google does not have any content of its own, similarly YouTube does not have any videos of its own on YouTube, rather video creators use this platform to publish their videos.

Therefore, if you want, you can also become a YouTube creator, you can publish any such video on your YouTube channel by making any video that can entertain people, teach them something, inform them about something, etc. Have to do

If people like your published video, then they will share your video with each other through social media etc. And your views on that video will increase as well as your subscribers will also increase.

At present, there are many Indian YouTubers who are fulfilling their every dream with the earnings of YouTube, perhaps if they had a job or a job, they would never have been able to fulfill them. That’s why don’t be in this misconception that YouTube’s earnings will be able to run your house a little. Leave home, YouTube has the power to make you a celebrity all over the world.

affiliate marketing

However, to register under most affiliate marketing programs, you need a large number of followers on your website, YouTube channel, and Instagram. There is no doubt in this that whoever will be successful in this type of platform must know about affiliate marketing.

But what about those who neither have their own famous website, nor YouTube channel, nor do they have many followers on Instagram. So can’t they start affiliate marketing business then?

No, it is not like that, if they want, they too can start their own affiliate marketing business. Because currently the world’s largest e-commerce company Amazon allows people to generate their affiliate link using their Facebook profile URL as well.

That is, people who neither have a website, nor a YouTube channel, nor have many followers on Instagram, they can earn money by doing affiliate marketing of Amazon. You can start it even without spending a single rupee. But to make it successful, you may need to spend some money on Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. That’s why it is also included in the list of business to be started with less money.

property dealing business

Do you mingle with new people easily? Do you like talking to new people and increasing your acquaintance? Do you have a strong network of people? If the answer to all these above mentioned questions is yes, then you can start your own property dealing business.

You can start with your phone call, pick up the phone and try to get to know your acquaintances to find out if they have any properties they would like to sell.

If yes then try using the same phone number to know if there is any person who is interested in buying that property. If yes, then make a deal between the seller of the property and the buyer of the property and earn your income by taking the money of your commission.

This is also such a business which is not going to cost you a single rupee to start. But at present it is mandatory for all property dealers to be registered under RERA. In whose registration the expenditure from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 25000 is possible.

general store business

You must have noticed that whenever a person is unemployed, and if there is a room with a shutter in his house. So in the event of his unemployment, if nothing else, he will definitely open a general store shop in it. Do you know what could be the reasons behind doing this? If we don’t know, we tell.

That’s because you don’t need any special skills to run a general store. And in this you are selling the item whose demand is equally available everywhere. And the biggest thing is that if the shop is your own then you can start this business with very little investment even up to ₹ 35000.

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Business of selling peanuts and gazak

This is a low investment business (Kam Paise me business) It is for those people who were employed till summer but became unemployed as soon as winter came. We all know very well that eating peanuts and gajak in winter is liked by almost all healthy people. Not only is this item popular among teenagers and children, middle-aged and old people can also be seen walking around eating peanuts.

For this business, if you want, you can arrange a small place in a local market where you can set up this type of street hawker. For this, a simple hawker is required which is easily available for up to ₹ 2000.

Apart from the hawker, the place where you are hawking can have a daily rent. If you want to avoid this daily rent, then you can start selling peanuts and gazak by moving the street vendors in the streets. You can start this business with an investment of up to ₹7000.

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