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Farmers in India are cultivating new crops today. In this today many people cultivate flowers. Flowers are being cultivated in India since ancient times. In today’s time, the demand of flowers has increased a lot in the market. The biggest reason for this is that today flowers are used for everything. In today’s time, if any marriage, birthday, anniversary has all these. 

So flowers are used extensively in this. Not only this, flowers are also used for the worship of God here. For this reason, you can understand that there is a lot of demand for flowers in the market. For this reason, in today’s article, we will know how you can earn good money by doing flower farming. 

Demand And Use Of Flowers In The Market 

Friends, this is the advantage of doing your business in any growing industry. Whatever you do your business or farming in the growing industry. So you can get to see good profits. Now you can estimate the growth of Flower Farming from the fact that in 2021 the industry of Floriculture market was worth 207 Billion, this industry can be worth 426 Billion by 2027. From this you can now find out that there is a lot of demand for flowers in India. 

Now we know what is the ultimate use of flowers. So friends, as I have told you above that flowers have many uses. Like in weddings, decorations are done with flowers on someone’s birthday. Flowers are mostly used here on Taar. There is maximum demand for flowers in Dussehra and Diwali. But it is not as if there is no demand for flowers during the rest of the time. The demand for flowers is always 12 months.  flower farming in English

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Types Of Flowers

You will find thousands of varieties and types of flowers in India. Out of this, most of the flowers are like this, which are not used at all. Along with this, there are also some flowers which are widely used. There are some flowers which are full of medicinal properties. It includes flowers like rose, marigold, lotus, aboli, gerbera, tuberose, jasmine, tuberose, gladiolus, champa, lavender, mogra, chrysanthemum, aster belly, evergreen. flower farming in English

How To Start Flower Farming Business

Now we will know how you can do flower farming. Before cultivating flowers, you have to know about its cultivation. In today’s time, you can take information from anywhere. In today’s time, you can get information about flower farming from the internet.

Apart from this, whenever you want to cultivate it, first of all you must contact the Krishi Vigyan Kendra of your area. From here you get to see all the information related to the cultivation of flowers. Apart from this, you can also take training in its cultivation from any farmer who is cultivating flowers.

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How To Manage Land And Water

Friends, to cultivate flowers, you will first need to have land. If you cultivate it in polyhouse, then you will need land for that too. You can do it easily in your farm. Apart from this, talk about what kind of soil you need for its cultivation, then you can use any kind of soil for its cultivation. 

In flower farming, you also need laborers. Which you can easily see in rural areas. So if you have your own farming or not, then you can start this business by taking someone else’s land on rent. Apart from this, you will need water for the cultivation of flowers. The reason for this is that there are many flowers which require water to grow. 

How To Choose Flowers For Farming

Once the land is settled, the turn comes. To select the variety of flowers, first of all, you have to choose a variety according to the climate of your area. Most of India’s climate is tropical, due to this it is possible to cultivate tropical flowers here. But once I would suggest you to take help of any Krishi Vigyan Kendra in this. He can tell you better which variety can be beneficial for you according to the climate of your area. 

Sow Flower Feeds 

Friends, after this the turn comes for sowing. After this, the type of variety you are cultivating. Whatever you say, you have to sow or transplant the seeds or cuttings of that variety of flowers. Friends, all types of flowers are planted around September-October. To sow it, first of all you have to plow the land once. Later you can easily transplant the seeds or cuttings in that land. 

how to irrigate flowers 

As I told you in the beginning that you can do its flower farming in polyhouse. Due to cultivation in polyhouse, there is always name moisture in the flower crop. With this you get to see good yield of flowers and also you do not need to irrigate again and again. Now talk about when you have to irrigate the flower plant. So it’s a different time for each variety. You can get more information about this from Krishi Vigyan Kendra or any farmer. 

problems in floriculture

In every business you have to face difficulties. Similarly, no matter what kind of farming you do, you have to move ahead only after facing difficulties. Similarly, you face many problems in the cultivation of flowers. For example, the first problem is rain, in its cultivation you need rain. But if it rains when it is time to pluck flowers. So it can harm your flower cultivation.

Similarly, too much sunlight can burn your crop. If you cultivate marigold or rose. So you may have to go to your farm every day to monitor it. The reason for this is that either your flowers can be stolen. Apart from this, wild animals can also harm your flower cultivation. 

The Cost Of Cultivating Flowers

Its cultivation does not cost you much in Flower Farming. If you cultivate it in one acre, then it may cost you 25 to 30 thousand, it may be more or less. In its cultivation, you need all these things like seeds, fertilizers, irrigation. When it is time to harvest these flowers, then you also need agricultural laborers. But that I have not told you in its cost. 

Profit In Floriculture

Now friends, let us talk about how much profit you can make in the cultivation of flowers. So let me tell you how much profit you will get. It demands that what kind of flowers you are cultivating. If you cultivate flowers like rose or lotus. So you can get more profit, but still you can get 1 to 1.5 lakh per acre per acre per annum Flower Farming Profit. 

So friends, in this way you can earn good money by doing flower farming in English. If you have liked this information, then share it with your friends.

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