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How to Start Rabbit Farming, Method, Method, Advantages, Disadvantages, Companies (How to Start Rabbit Farming Business )

Information related to how to do Rabbit Farming

Rabbit is a vegetarian and beautiful animal, which most people like to keep at home. This is a pet, which people buy from the market and keep it in the house. Many people do the business of raising rabbits, and also get good profit. In today’s time, rabbit farming has become a profitable business, due to which the interest of farmers is also being seen more and more. Some farmers are also earning 10 to 12 lakhs per year by rearing rabbits. In view of its huge profits, educated youth are also trying their hand in this business.

Rabbit is a pure vegetarian animal, due to which people also like its meat. At present, the main source of meat in cities and villages is country chicken, broiler chicken , goat and fish . Because of which there is not much competition in its business. Here’s how to do rabbit farming for you. Information is being given about Rabbit Farming Business Plan in India [earnings and costs] .

Rabbit Meat

The amount of protein and cholesterol in rabbit meat is very good, and fat is very less. Its meat is very nutritious and tasty. People eat its meat with great fervor. Its meat is very useful for heart patients. Rabbit skin is also very useful, which is used to make gloves, jackets, designer hats and purses. Due to the soft leather, the demand for products made from its skin remains in the market, due to which there is no possibility of any loss in its business.

Rabbit Farming Required Climate

Rabbit is a delicate animal. Therefore, rabbits are reared only where there is a suitable climate for it or suitable temperature can be created for it. Generally, the temperature of 35 to 40 degrees should be for rabbit rearing. It is difficult to tolerate higher temperatures than this. Angora breed rabbits are reared in cold regions, and here they can survive up to 25 degrees Celsius. Rabbits of this breed give wool yield, which gets very good prices in the market.

Rabbit Farming Business Plan in India

To raise rabbits, you have to take suitable place, diet along with many precautions. which is like this :-

Rabbit Breeds

The main breeds of rabbit rearing are as follows: – White Giant, Soviet Chinchilla, Angora, Black Brown, Gray Giant, New Zealand White and Dutch etc. You can follow the breed of rabbit as per your wish.

Rabbit Farming Housing

Such housing has to be constructed in areas with more hot climate. In which there is very little sunlight and constant wind. In those places where it is very cold, the house should be constructed at such a place where the light comes in.

Rabbit Farming Flooring

At the place where the rabbit’s house is constructed, the floor is prepared by putting 3-4 inches high wood sawdust, and the rabbit is left open like chickens. So that they can move around easily, these animals have a habit of making holes, so they will keep digging the sawdust. In this way rabbit rearing can be done even in less space. But their nature is fighting, due to which they can injure each other. In this case, you can use the cage for their upbringing.

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Cage: – If you are rearing rabbits commercially, then you should use a cage. Rabbit can be reared in a cage in a clean manner. For this, get a 14 gauge cage constructed of 3X4 meter size. The rabbit’s foot does not get stuck in the mesh of this size cage. Apart from this, if you want, you can also make a 12 gauge cage of 2X1 meter size. For the same small chickens, different size cages should be made.

Rabbit Food

Since it is a vegetarian animal, it takes its diet in the form of grains, sawdust or pellets. After 15 days of birth, chicks have to be fed with grains. Rye grass, oats and berseem can be given to the rabbit as green fodder. The grain that is given to the rabbit should be of good quality and should not be moldy at all, because the grain that is moldy contains aflatoxin salt poison, which can cause an epidemic in rabbits, and you may suffer financial losses.

Rabbit Breeding

Male and female rabbits become ready to breed after 6 months. During this, take special care that put the male rabbit in the female rabbit’s cage only. Children can be taken from them four times in a year. The female rabbit gives birth to children only after 30 days of breeding, it can give birth to about 6 to 8 children at a time.

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Rabbit Farming Precautions

You have to take some special precautions while raising rabbits, special information related to the precautions of the farm is being given to you here: –

  • In the business of rabbit farming, you have to pay special attention to cleanliness. This is also necessary so that the rabbits can be kept away from diseases.
  • Water and food have to be made available to the rabbits from time to time, and special attention should also be paid to the special things related to their food.
  • If a rabbit has become ill, then according to its illness, it should be given medicine immediately.
  • The pot in which the rabbit is given food has to be cleaned regularly.
  • In the summer season, more attention has to be paid to the rabbit, because in summer the temperature of the farm becomes more than 38 degrees, so it is necessary to balance the temperature.
  • Make sure to get your rabbits vaccinated as needed.

Rabbit Farming Registration

It is very important to get registration done for farming in rabbit farming. You can register your farm under partnership or proprietorship. Along with this, the farm can be run smoothly by depositing income tax annually. You must have a current account and PAN card of the farm.

Rabbit Farming Cost

In rabbit farming, you have to spend Rs 2,50,000 lakh for 100 rabbits while setting up the farm. Apart from this, 10/4 cages are needed to keep rabbits, and bowls for feeding rabbits and water nipples are needed to give water.

Rabbit Farming Earning

To earn big money from rabbit farming, do rabbit rearing on a large scale. For this you start business with 20 male and 100 female rabbits. The female rabbit gives birth to 6 to 8 young at a time, and gives birth to four children in a year. In this way you can sell 600 to 700 children at a time. Out of which if the cost is removed, then you will be saved from 2 to 2.5 lakhs. In the same year, you will get a net profit of 8 to 10 lakh rupees.

Rabbit Farming Business Marketing 

Businessmen get many benefits from rabbit farming. In this, those people who want to keep rabbits get benefited. Because rabbits of different breeds are found in the farm. Because of which the person raising rabbits has many options. In this way, you can get good profit by rearing breed rabbit in your farm. Apart from this, there are other benefits, which are as follows: –

  • Rabbit meat is widely used for medical purposes, due to which you can sell your rabbit in these areas if you want.
  • Many traders use rabbit fur, you can also sell rabbits from farming to such traders.
  • Rabbits can also be sold for research in the government ‘Government Agriculture Industry’.


Q: How to start rabbit farming business?

Ans: You can contact people who was doing same business.

Q: Is there profit from rabbit farming business?

Ans: Yes.

Q: How much does rabbit farming business cost?

Ans: 2 to 2.50 lakh rupees

Q: How much profit does rabbit farming business make?

Ans: –

Q: Where to start rabbit farming business?

Ans: Where there is less pollution or noise.

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