How to do bidi making business. Information to start Beedi industry.

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You get so many beedi smokers throughout the day that you have started your own beedi making business. ,Biddy’s business Decided to start. Yes, at present there are all opportunities to earn profit from this type of business. If you yourself are a person who smokes beedi, then you would know how difficult it would be for you to quit beedi even if you wanted to.

How to do bidi making business. Information to start Beedi industry.
How to do bidi making business. Information to start Beedi industry.

It is meant to say that there are many people in India who have got addicted to smoking beedi and now even if they want to, it is not easy for them to leave this addiction. An element called nicotine is found in beedi, which the body gets used to, and if a person who has the habit of smoking beedi does not smoke it for a while, then he starts feeling tired in his body.

Smoking is considered harmful from the point of view of health, but in spite of this, people consume it, and not only consume it, but also become addicted to smoking. This is the reason that at present there are many people in India who empty bundles of bundles of beedis in a day.

Beedi production in India is mostly done by the unorganized sector. But despite this, the beedi industry has a very important place in the Indian economy. Although these types of businesses are not suitable from the point of view of social welfare, but they play an important role in the economy. That’s why the government does not ban them completely but imposes heavy tax on them.

Despite this, the huge tax levied on tobacco and its products is compensated by the end consumers who consume them. If you are also considering starting your own bidi business. Then this article can be very useful for you.

Why is the business of making bidis profitable?

People in India like to smoke to get rid of stress and in moments of leisure. And bidi is the most used product as a smoking product. First people use them as a hobby, if its foundation is seen then it starts with school and college friends. From there people start smoking beedi or cigarette as a hobby.

But as we have told earlier also that beedi contains nicotine which the body gets addicted to. And when people’s hobby of smoking bidi turns into addiction, they don’t even know it. But this addiction of his is beneficial for the person doing the business of making beedis.

After this, as if a person needs an excuse to smoke beedi, it is a common practice in India to take out time to smoke beedi anywhere in moments of leisure or even from work. In this population of 1.25 billion, even if only 20% people are bidi smokers, then it becomes a huge number. Which is beneficial for bidi making industries.

How to start bidi making business?

The process of making beedis is very simple. But since it comes under the category of tobacco products, people are in doubt as to what licenses and registrations they would need to start beedi industry.

Otherwise we have seen that bidi can be made easily by stuffing tobacco in a leaf called tendu leaf and then folding it. Presently most of the beedi manufacturers are making beedis manually. So let us know that if you also want to start your own bidi making business then how can you do it.

Find out the source of raw material for bidi making

Tendu leaves are the most important thing that is needed for the bidi making industry. In India, they are found in almost all the states but South-East India is considered to be the home region of these leaves. At present, these leaves are also found in abundance in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh.

The second most important raw material is tobacco, tobacco is also cultivated in India. Tobacco is prepared by drying the leaves of tobacco and mixing the ends in it. Beedi is made by wrapping this tobacco in tendu leaves. The third raw material used in this business is the thread wrapped on the beedi which is easily available anywhere.

Overall, wherever you want to start this type of business (Bidi Ka Business), first of all find out the availability of raw materials there. So that once you operate your business, then there is no need to stop it.

manage a small space

You do not have to use any very heavy machinery for this business. That’s why it is natural that you do not need a lot of space to start this business. But you need 300-400 square feet of space to store the raw material, keep the finished goods, including the work space of the laborers.

It is not necessary that you take this place in the local market or in a crowded place, but wherever you find a cheap place or shop on rent, you can arrange a place for this business. But if you are taking the place on rent, then make sure to get its lease agreement and if you are taking the shop on rent, then get its rent agreement made. Because you can also use it as an address proof for your business.

obtain the necessary licenses

After arranging the place, now you need the following license and registration to start your bidi industry.

  • The entrepreneur has to register his business under any one of the Proprietorship Firm, Partnership Firm, One Person Company, Private Limited Company etc.
  • GST registration and whatever else is applicable will be required as tax registration.
  • The entrepreneur will need to have a PAN card and open a current account in the bank in the name of his business.
  • The most important thing is that since it is a tobacco product, the entrepreneur will also need to take the registration of the tobacco product.
  • If you are from Maharashtra then you need Gumasta license as a trade license. In other states it is called Shops and Establishment Registration or Trade Registration which can be obtained from the local authority.
  • You can register your business as MSME, for this you will also need to do Udyam Registration.
  • You must give some name to the brand of your beedi, if you want to protect this brand name, then for this you may need to register a trademark.

buy raw materials and machinery

The raw material used for making bidis is easily available in most of the states in India. The list of raw materials used in bidi making is as follows.

  • Tendu leaves
  • tobacco
  • thread that is wound around a beedi

Mechanically, a nail is used to pin down the top part of the beedi. And the paper used in their packing is printed with their brand name from outside, and with the help of bidi packaging machine, bidis are bundled and stanozolol buy packed. The price of the bundle varies according to the quantity of beedis. Generally bundles are prepared in packing of two rupees, five rupees, 10 rupees.

And these bundles are also then made into separate packets and packed. Similar bundles are present in this packet.

Hire laborers to make beedis

In the initial phase, the entrepreneur should manufacture beedis manually. For this, he may require many laborers, but if you want, you can start this type of business by hiring only 5-6 laborers.

If you get domestic rural women as laborers, then it will be beneficial for your business as well as for those rural women. Who will be working in your beedi industry.

make and sell beedis

The process of making beedis is very simple. In this, first of all the necessary raw materials like tendu leaves, tobacco etc. are purchased from the farmers or local people. You will easily find the thread used on the beedi in the local market.

After that, tendu leaves have to be cut in such a way that beedis can be easily made from them. After that, as soon as the tendu leaves get a little dry, a bidi is shaped by wrapping tobacco in between them and the upper part of the bidi is pressed down with the pointed part of the nail, so that the tobacco filled in it does not come out. revenue.

By doing this the beedis are piled up, after that the beedi bundles are prepared, and these bundles are packed in paper printed with your brand name with the help of beedi packing machine. And a pouch of several bundles is prepared. And a box of several pouches is prepared, in this way the beedis are sent to the market for sale.

How much will it cost to start beedi industry

You may need to make an initial investment of up to ₹ 2 lakh to start beedi industry in a proper way. However, the business of making bidi is still being done mostly by the unorganized sectors in India. Therefore, if you wish, in areas where tendu leaves and tobacco are cultivated, women can be given the job of making beedis sitting at their homes. And the beedi they have made, they can sell it by giving their own brand name.

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