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If you are looking for a business idea with very little investment, then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss how and why to start a photo editing business.How To Make Money Editing Photos

Why this business?

We live in the age of social media. Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube have taken the whole world by storm. No matter which social media platform we visit, we see people posting videos and photos on it.

There used to be photo studios that did the photography work but now it has become a cake walk for every body.

Today, clicking photos and videos has become a very easy task as everyone has a high quality digital camera in their pocket. All of us love to click our photos and posting them on various social media platforms has become a new trend.

The trend of posting photos on social media has made all social media users compete for others. Everyone tries to click their photos professionally so that they stand out from the rest.

With impressive photos, a person can earn money, and also in the millions. Getting better photos has helped thousands of people gain a large following and become social media influencers.

People edit their photos to give their photos a professional look and impress others, as well as to attract good social media followers. People edit their images either by themselves or hire others. Here you can join and edit photos for people and earn good income.

Pros and Cons of Photo Editing Business

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a photo editing business:


The advantages of this business are discussed below:

  1. You will love photo editing because it is the art of giving a new touch of life and vitality to otherwise dull, dark and shabby photos.
  2. This is a very profitable business as you can charge your clients a good fee per photo. Photo editors in the US charge about $27 per hour of photo editing.
  3. A photo editing business does not require a location. All it needs is a mobile phone or laptop and some apps or software.
  4. It requires very little investment since you already have a mobile phone and most photo editing apps are free.
  5. There is a huge market and you don’t have to waste your time and energy trying to convince others to hire you. People will come to you in droves.
  6. The process of photo editing is quite simple and you can learn it very easily.
  7. Once you’ve mastered photo editing skills, editing a photo won’t take too much time.
  8. Unlike other businesses, you don’t have to physically deliver the products (edited photos) to your customers. You can deliver them through online mode. This will save you a lot of time and money.
  9. This business does not have much competition yet. This is a ripe time to go into the photo editing business.


Below are the disadvantages of this business:

  1. You will have to spend a lot of time indoors.
  2. Photo editing trends change every year, you will need to keep up with the changes that happen over time.
  3. Satisfying customers is an art, and in this business you will meet customers with different tastes. Sometimes, spending hours editing photos can leave clients unsatisfied.
  4. You will need to purchase software to improve your photo editing skills.
  5. A good photo editor requires a lot of creativity. You will have to develop it.

Since its advantages outweigh the disadvantages, this business idea is a good choice.

Essential skills for starting a photo editing business

If you want to make money editing photos and pass the competition, you will need to learn some skills. They are:

  1. Learn how to use different photo editing programs and applications. It is very easy to learn how to use them. You can do this by watching YouTube videos in just a few days.
  2. Knowing the details of various terms related to photography such as exposure, saturation, contrast, etc. Knowing them will help you understand how to play with them. Understanding these terms will help you determine where to increase or decrease saturation, exposure or contrast, etc.
  3. Improve your creative abilities. Photo editing involves manipulating the foreground, background, and colors of a photo. You have to be creative enough to know how to set them all up properly to get an impressive end product.

Apps and websites for photo editing

The applications required for photo editing business are Picsart, Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop etc.

Picsart and Adobe Photoshop are more suitable for changing unwanted parts of a photo, where lightroom and snapseed are more useful for color correction.

You may also need some websites to download various photo enhancement stuff like sun flares, some pngs etc. You can use,, etc. to download such content.

How to start a photo editing business

Once you’ve mastered photo editing skills, you can turn it into a business in the following ways:

  1. Create a Youtube channel. Create a YouTube channel and start posting photo editing videos on it. Here in the video description box you need to provide a contact email address so that people can contact you. This will help you show your talent to the world and people will turn to you for their photo editing work. It will also help you earn income through youtube.
  2. Become a freelancer. There are many websites looking for online photo editors. You can create a profile on any of the following sites and join them as a freelancer. As soon as an institution shows interest in having you edit your photos, the site will notify you.
  3. Use social media. Create Instagram and Pinterest accounts and start posting your edited photos to them. Trust me, you will get an amazing response. Here you can also post photos comparing the original images with the edited ones to show the world what a nice photo editor you are.

Profit from photo editing business

Photo editing business has huge potential and you can earn decent monthly income from it. It can bring you customers from all over the world and you will earn in dollars.

A professional photo editor in the United States charges an average of $27 an hour, which can give you an idea of ​​the potential of this business.

If you start with a charge of Rs 300 per photo, your starting profit can be Rs 9000 per month. With time, when you develop well-honed skills, you can charge as much as Rs 10000 per photo, which can bring you a whopping income of Rs 300,000 per month.

In this way, you can earn from photo editing business without spending a lot of time on it and without making a huge investment.

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